Simple but unique – Dalmatian peka

Probably the oldest way of food preparation in the Adriatic (even Mediterranean) area would be cooking under the peka. It is about a steel bell covered with hot coals while the food is being prepared under this bell. According to some archaeological research, the remains of peka had been found in the layers of the Bronze Age.

At that time, the bell was made of clay, such as Moroccan tajine, while nowadays’ peka is made of steel. Peka style is as genuine in Dalmatia as in Macedonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, or even Morroco. It is widespread all over Dalmatia and other regions of Croatia, such as Istria or backgrounds or Dalmatia. Specialties prepared under peka could be either meat or seafood.

Suppose you prefer meat, then you will enjoy delicious bites of lamb or veal—some masters of peka claim that a mix of those two is the best option. Seafood peka, in most cases, refers to octopus. You usually do not need any side dish because meat and octopus peka are prepared with potatoes and vegetables. All you need is fresh homemade bread and a glass of wine. Some peka masters decided to take a step further and started to prepare fish under peka.

It is a less popular and not so-traditional way of preparing fish, but the results are more than satisfying. Do not worry about where to find such an offer during your sailing holidays on theAdriatic. Every decent skipper knows exactly every peka master along the coast and one very island. Remember that you should notify your captain that you want to taste a peka early enough because it takes a few hours to prepare. Also, peka is neither prepared nor served for just one person. The size of peka is three upwards, while the amount of wine would be individual.

Enjoy your stay aboard!

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