The bays of Croatia’s Adriatic coastline are a hidden treasure trove for their serenity and beauty and because they offer an experience in their original form.
You need to get away from the coast and take a yacht journey to find a hidden gem. You will be able to experience everything from waking up in coves surrounded by green lush, swimming in the crystal clear sea, or just watching stars dance.

In this sea of unique bays, we made the list of the most beautiful ones.

#1 Lopud

Bay Šunj

The bay with the interesting name “Bajkovita uvala Šunj” is a picturesque bay on the southern outskirts of Lopud, one of the islands of Elaphite gem. This fairytale lagoon is a natural paradise surrounded by green pine forest and a turquoise sea containing a white sand beach; it’s an ideal destination whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure!

#2 Bay Saplunara

Island Mljet

On the south side of the island, the hidden gem of Mljet is Saplunara. This wide and sheltered bay, surrounded by pine trees on one side and spruce trees on the other, provides an unsurpassed view with its beautiful long sandy beach. Untouched nature and peace without hotels and restaurants – the perfect place for an anchoring adventure.

#3 Bay Lovrečina

Island Brač

Lovrečina Bay is an oasis in the heart of Brač, between Postira and Pučišća. This sandy bay has beautiful shades of turquoise that take your breath away with their beauty; it’s a work from nature itself! In addition to the beautiful view is also full of valuable monuments dating back centuries – an early Christian basilica from the 6th century, stone coffins, sarcophagi containing crosses believed to have originated from a Brac stonemasonry workshop, and a beautiful baptistery.

#4 Bay Bobovišća

Island Brač

Bobovišća is a picturesque bay on the west coast of the island of Brač, to which many legends and stories are connected. Numerous archeological discoveries and objects found in the sea and on land testify to an ancient port. Due to its natural position, it is not surprising why it is a favorite anchorage – preserved nature combined with a crystal-clean sea!

#5 Bay Lumbarda


Lumbarda Bay, known for its sandy beaches and excellent destination, makes it a wonderful place for anchoring. The bay also has strong historical roots with archeological discoveries still to be found, making it a popular destination among tourists looking forward to their perfect getaway for a summer vacation! Today in this area, numerous vineyards produce the famous Korcula wine Grk.

#6 Bay Vinogradišće

Pakleni Islands

Vinogradišće Bay, better known as Palmižana, is one of the most popular anchorages of the Pakleni islands. The deep bay is surrounded by lush greenery and a turquoise sea with white sand and sandy pebble beaches. You can find several top restaurants and relaxing lounge bars among the botanical gardens for additional relaxation during a break from swimming.

#7 Bay Stončica

Island Vis

Stončica Bay is one of Vis island’s most picturesque beaches and bays. With crystal clear sea, restaurant, and sandy beach with a volleyball court perfect for relaxing or playing games in between dips into its beautiful waters – this bay has it all!