Croatian coast is a place of dreams and a haven for luxury yachts and those who want to experience an unforgettable escape. It is a place where you can enjoy the stunning natural wonders surrounding it, the land of olive groves and vineyards, among the most famous bays, and enjoy the culture and history of inhabited islands and UNESCO-protected cities with their unique lifestyle awaiting discovery right on the coast! You will be surrounded by crystal clear sea on all sides as your yacht glides on pristine waters towards new adventures at any time of the day.

#1 Split

Located between two of Europe’s most beautiful environments, the coastal mountains and blue sea, the ancient architecture of the magnificent Split city is exciting, and today it attracts with its rich tradition. It’s an unavoidable port for many yachts.
It has a which is 17 centuries old glorious history that includes Diocletian Palace in the heart of Split, surrounded by walls and towers, Split’s Peristyle decorated with sphinxes, and Riva-most famous promenade in Split with many elegant bars, shops, and restaurants.

#2 Dubrovnik

Located in the extreme south of the Republic of Croatia, the King’s Landing-Dubrovnik has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. It is a fantastic city with recognizable city walls and cultural sights. Its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces, and fountains, are the pearl of Croatian tourist offer. Dubrovnik became even more popular after filming the “Game Of Thrones” series in his city.
With its 298 meters, Stradun is the longest and most famous street in Dubrovnik. It connects the east and west gates, and it has many things to offer visitors: from the great restaurants to provide you with some delicious food while exploring their surroundings with friends or family, souvenir shops, eventful nightlife, and daylife.

#3 Korčula

Korcula is a small island in the Adriatic Sea called “a decoration from the Adriatic” famous for its beauty and history. With forests surrounding it and olive groves with vineyards, you can enjoy some wine tasting or take it easy on one of many sandy beaches.

The town itself has narrow streets reminiscent of herringbone designs, and gates and towers fence it with Venetian decoration like the winged lions that adorn the cathedral.
Visitors to this charming island will be able to explore the birthplace of one of its most famous residents, an international researcher, Marco Polo. Today you can visit his childhood home, which today serves as a museum, and see where he grew up on.

#4 Hvar & Pakleni Islands

Hvar island has something for everyone. If you want to enjoy the beach and party all day long, head out to one of its many gorgeous beaches and visit some beach bars that stay open until sunset!

If it’s more sedate surroundings your fancy, then take in some culture by exploring downtown Hvar – a charming harbor dotted with palm trees; visit the local monastery and square, many churches, and the oldest theater in Europe.

You should climb the Fortica Fortress with an incredible view of the town and the playful Pakleni Islands and stroll through the many historical paved streets. Pakleni Islands are a paradise for those who enjoy nature. Diverse islands offer something new in every bay you visit, from secluded and picturesque bays to places for lovers of entertainment and gastronomy.

#5 Vis

Vis, a small island divided between two beautiful towns of Komiža and Vis, is one that yachts like to visit. As the military base had been important for years, access to this land was banned; but its natural beauty remains intact after long isolation from external influences. The most beautiful and authentic Croatian island has something for everyone. With miles of vineyards, some of the best restaurants, pristine beaches, numerous hidden coves, and Biševo Island will embrace you with its blue paradise just waiting inside The Blue Cave – a symbol of Vis.

#6 Mljet

Mljet National Park is a small island paradise in the Adriatic Sea with an incredible history and stunning scenery. The clear blue water, green forests, and pastures with small villages surrounded by nature make it a one-of-a-kind location that attracts people from all over the world to visit this area for relaxation or adventure trips every year!
Along with natural attractions such as the Great and Small Salt Lakes, there are centuries-old Benedictine monasteries that give even more beauty to the already stunning landscape.
The peaceful atmosphere of this serene island will leave your heart full of joy!

#7 Kornati

The Kornati is an incredible natural wonder, rich with marine life and beautiful rugged shores. The area consists of 130 uninhabited islands for hiking, diving, kayaking, reconnecting with nature, and islets; it also includes reefs where you’ll find some good sunbathing opportunities! The Kornati was declared a national park in 1980.
Kornati Islands have become a sought-after destination for sailing enthusiasts. The bays are beautiful and offer exceptional views. At the same time, also an excellent place to enjoy Croatian cuisine at one of many top restaurants that will delight your taste buds with authentic flavors you won’t find anywhere else!