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by Bob

Six couples chartered KADENA from September 5 to 12. Half of us are members of the Annapolis Yacht Club. We are all owners of companies with many employees. We are always interested in how well our employees are representing the owner to the customers. With this in mind, I want to tell you about your crew on KADENA.

Captain Kuzman, Mates Ivan and Jean and Chef Vladimir all performed their duties on your behalf in an exemplary fashion. You should be very proud.

Beyond just the duties required, all the crew went out of their way to make all of us feel most welcome. Even when the Captain had to say “No” to some over-the-top request, he seemed as disappointed as we were.

Without being obvious, Capt. Kuzman listened and watched for opportunities to make our trip exceptional. One couple was celebrating an anniversary and he made it special by serving champagne and a cake that I am certain required an extra effort on his part. He even went on a search to numerous stores to find our one guest decaf coffee, much to her surprise and delight. And a most caring display of kindness, I witnessed him cover a couple with a warm blanket after they fell asleep on the chilly deck after lunch. He is a remarkable young man.

Chef Vlad was so skilled that we asked him to appear on deck and take a bow after every lunch. We all gained weight!

Jean and Ivan were the most attentive of bartenders. They would jump to serve us any time of the day or evening. More importantly, they were invaluable mates for the captain. I own a 58 ft. yacht with twin screws and a bow thruster. Watching the captain and mates work as a team to dock a single-screw 100+ ft. ship without a thruster was simply amazing. No anxiety, no raised voices…just a few words and hand signals. Very professional and most impressive.

Regarding the KADENA, she is a comfortable ship and well maintained. The air conditioning was the best we have ever experienced. The hand-help remote was simply terrific.

Thank you for offering us such a great boat and crew! We are spreading the word about Capt. Kuzman and the KADENA.

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