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We (five couples) chartered the Gulet Allure E for a one week cruise leaving from and returning to Dubrovnik, from 28 Sept to 5 Oct 2019. On balance, the cruise was excellent.

The boat was comfortable, as advertised. The food was excellent — far better than we would have expected. The crew was attentive and friendly. Most importantly, the captain, in my opinion, was very well qualified and made the right calls when conditions demanded.

While Allure is advertised as a sail boat, it really is a power boat with masts. Sails are never used for moving the boat, and are typically set only for pictures. If sailing is not a priority, the absence of sailing should not deter you from chartering this boat.

As stated above, it is comfortable, and with its adequate power plant, the boat moves well from one destination to the next. I would advise that a one-way charter, rather than round trip, as we did, would be a better option, as it provides for greater range and more flexibility in choosing ports of call.

As for the Master Charter support team, they were excellent. Everyone we worked with was well informed and very responsive to our needs. Special thanks to Mate and Ana for their patience and assistance – especially in arranging transportation to and from the boat — no small task when dealing with 5 couples with varying needs.

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