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Marasoviceva 67 (office), 21000 Split, Croatia

Cpt. Dare, Tony, Joseph, Neno.

This week on the Altair has been an absolute Dream Come True!

It had been a trip that we all will never forget. We definitely be back to explore the Adriatic with you guys. I couldn’t imagine a better crew, boat, men, selection of ports + coves, or time together with family., friends (old & new). The kinds adore you guys and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of them apply for jobs on the Altair. I could say so much more but I’ll save it for our next trip with you guys. We are all so deeply grateful. We have all fallen in love!

All my love, Michael

P.S. You are all welcome anytime in Brooklyn.

Captain Dare, Tony, Joseph and Neno,

What a beautiful week! We have loved being on the Altair and exploring the Adriatic with you. You have been so gracious, thoughtful and kind to us and our friends. We loved every meal, every cove and every day on the sea. We will remember  this week and all of you so fondly forever. Thank you for making our vacation so special.

All  the best,

Michelle, Jake, Frances, Matthew

P.S. We second the invitation to Brooklyn! Brooks

Dear Captain Dare, Tony, Neno and Joseph,

This week has been so amazing and I’m so sad it has to end. You guys are literally the best crew I could have possibly asked for. Neno your food was some of the best food I’ve ever had and the desserts were even better. Tony you were so fun to talk to and hang out with also our little handshake was awesome. Joseph you were so cool and fun and scary. Dare you were honsetly the best captain ever and you were always fun to be with especially when tubeing. Overall I don’t think this week could have been better and I now feel like we’re all friends. I’m so grateful that you guys gave me this great opportunity. Have a great rest of your season.

Love Wilder

P.S. If you guys can come to Brooklyn ever just call us and we’ll be there in a flash.

Oh Captain my Captain!

Dare, Tony, Neno + Joseph- this trip has been a dream come true. We are so grateful to all of you for creating this wonderful adventure, for your warm and welcoming hospitality, for all of the incredible food and for the highest quality experience. We boarded as strangers but now you all feel like friends. We hope you all come to New York City one day so we can show you our home.

All our love – Sharon, Michael, Wilder + Dashiell Counts xoxoxo

Dear Captain Dare, Tony, Neno and Joseph, you guys are the best crew ever, Altair is the best! P.S. can’t wait for you to come to Brooklyn.

From Dash

To captain Dare, Tony, Joseph and Neno.

I had so much fun on the trip! This was a great way to see a new place and you were the best people to see it with. The food is so good that I went to bed each night excited for breakfast. You are all so great and I wish that you could come back to Brooklyn with us. You should at least visit soon and come to our block! We’ll all miss you guys,!

From Frances ?

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