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Marasoviceva 67 (office), 21000 Split, Croatia


Thank you sooo much this is the best boat I’ve ever seen!!!!
Robert Powell

Thank you SOOOOO!! Much this is such a party boat I’ve loved it here!!!
Fin Mackenzie

Thank you very much for taking care of us on the boat this past week!
Ellie Mackenzie

Thank you, I had a great time!
Izzy Mackenzie

Thanks so much, the trip was awesome and I had a great time!
Lindsay Kinsella

Thank you for such a wonderful week!!
Amanda + Ashley

Thanks for a great time
Colin Jr.

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fatefull trip.
They started from this Croatian part (Split)
Aboard the Allure E ship.
The mate, Lucky, was a mighty sailman
The skipper, Stojan, was brave and true
Thirteen passengers set sail that day
For a seven day tour, a seven day tour
The water couldn’t have been better
We rocked this massive ship
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
We would have run out of booze…
The ship set sail into Adriatic Sea (that apparently has no sharks)
Including birthday girl Marci & Lee
So this is a tale of thirteen castaways
They’re here for a short time (but a great time)
The chef Drago & the boss Jaz
Did their very best
To make everyone comfortable
They made sure of this country that we experienced the best!
We witward every surface, much to the chagrin of the entire crew
But when there was surely we would
There was nothing they wouldn’t do.
There was every single luxury
Drago’s mastery of all kings culinary.
No worries, No cares, not even a curfon.
Every luxury!
We were as primitive as can be
So join us each James, my friends
At each port you’ll be sure to get a half of bread
From thirteen stended castaways.

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