Fam-Trip for Luxury Yachts in Croatia by Master Charter

Croatia luxury Yacht Charter Fam Trip 2022

Master Charter Fam Trip 2022:
95 Luxury Charter Agents on 11 Yachts in Croatia’s Best Places

From October 2 to 7, 2022, Master Charter organized a unique event where it hosted 95 partners from all over the world on its 11 yachts, who had the opportunity to get to know each other’s luxury yachts and gulets firsthand. With beautiful weather conditions and excellent destinations – from historical cities and traditional Croatian islands to exploring hidden coves, the agents enjoyed a week of relaxation and fun activities such as water sports and joint gala dinners.

This news article will show you everything about how the luxury yachts Fam trip looked like, from start to finish, including all of the adventures and fun memories.

Fam-trip: First Day

FAM-TRIP day-1

On the first day, the event started in style. The agents could go from yacht to yacht, tour, meet, and socialize with the owners and crew. They were welcomed with various gourmet delicacies and had a great time overall. The day’s highlight was meeting the owners of Master Charter, who welcomed them aboard with open arms. It was an excellent experience for everyone involved.

Fam-trip: Second Day – Split-Hvar

Fam Trip day-2

The journey began in the city of Split, located on the coastline of the Dalmatian Sea and is home to a mix of Mediterranean and Roman architecture. Split’s history dates back to Roman times, and today it offers visitors a variety of exciting places to explore, including its Diocletian Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the West Coast in Split, the agents boarded their yachts and set sail for their first destination: the island of Hvar, one of the most famous Croatian tourist destinations. On the way, there was a stop for swimming at the picturesque coast of the island of Brač, followed by a lunch prepared by chefs inspired by Croatian customs and traditions.

In the late afternoon, when the yachts docked, it seemed as if a new adventure had begun. As you step into this beautiful city, you immediately feel its charm. Many will say that it is an actual city from a fairy tale. There are many examples of beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture – monuments within monuments, the paved main square, and the waterfront surrounded by palm trees.

Walking through the stone streets that lead to the famous fortress Fortica, which was once used for defense, today offers a unique view of the city and the Pakleni Islands.

The sunniest island on the Adriatic is also known for its vineyards and excellent wines. After enjoying the sunset with a beautiful landscape view, the evening was spent trying delicious local delicacies.

Fam-trip: Third Day – Hvar-Korčula

Fam day-3

The morning started with a delicious breakfast on board and navigation to the new destination: to explore the beautiful island of Korčula. With the engines off and spread sails, it was a time to enjoy a relaxing sail with nothing but nature surrounded. It seemed as if the ship was floating through an endless sea of blue sky and blue waves – it’s something special when you can just let yourself in the fresh sea breeze and sun in those moments—such a wonderful day.

In the late afternoon, when everyone arrived in Korčula, an evening began with a tour of the city by local guides. This island is often called a small Dubrovnik; city walls and towers surround it, and its narrow streets resemble a herringbone. The city is widely known for the world traveler Marco Polo, who is believed to have been born in Korčula, and there are reminders of him in every corner, including the Marco Polo Museum. A promenade decorated with thick trees, paved streets, unique Renaissance houses and churches, and charming shops is the formula for the success of this popular destination.

The night was a festive occasion as 11 chefs from each of the yachts in the Master Charter fleet showed off their culinary skills by serving food on Anima Maris and Love Story yachts. It was an enjoyable evening honoring taste, sharing experiences, gatherings, and dancing!

Fam-trip: Fourth Day – Korčula-Vis

fam-trip day-4

Wednesday’s cruise from Korčula to island Vis was the perfect way to enjoy relaxing navigation hours on the sea. A new day with a beautiful view of nature, a rich breakfast, the yachts anchoring in a beautiful bay, water sports, gourmet lunch, and luxurious service; no wonder everyone is happy!

Island Vis, also known as one of the “forbidden islands” in the past, is the furthest from the coast and the most special. Island Vis, which used to be a “forbidden island,” is the most unique and farthest from the coast.

After World War II, the island was used as a base for the Yugoslav Navy and was completely closed to visitors until 1989. Today, many hidden tunnels, and military bases, can be found all over the island that bears witness to this. Due to its long-term isolation, nature in Vis is more untouched and preserved than elsewhere. One such notable place is Stiniva bay, which since 1967 has been part of a protected nature reserve, and in 2016 was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Their trip to the island was full of experiences. Some decided they wanted a military tour; or a wine tour through the vineyards of the famous Viska Vugava. Others have decided to cycle from Vis to Komiža – a typical Dalmatian place by the sea with stone houses and narrow streets. And they all came back with the same slogan – Vis is unique!

Fam-trip: Fifth Day – Vis-Šolta


A new morning on what will be the final day of an incredible journey and an amazing trip.

The day started early, with a beautiful sunrise over the Adriatic Sea. Then, the yachts fired up their engines and headed for the island of Šolta, where the agents spent the day exploring beautiful coves and breathtaking landscapes. In the evening, there was a joint festive dinner.

Master Charter organized dinner in the Martinis Marchi restaurant, where everyone enjoyed an impressive buffet. Later, the party moved to the picturesque outdoor pool. Again, there was laughter, dancing, and good fun – it was the perfect way to end a Fam trip.

Each boat owner and crew member contributed significantly to the success of this event, and the Master Charter team did an excellent job of organizing and arranging the event.

Looking forward to next year’s events…

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    Looking forward to next year’s events…