Authentic and pristine Croatia

Visiting Croatia gets an added value when you take home lovely memories of experiencing something original, unlike any other destination. The market has all sorts of guide books telling stories about unique and unforgettable places. More or less, they all tell you the same stories if you compare them. Therefore, the added value of your sailing holidays in Croatia would be gained if you use the local wisdom of your skipper. You need to trust them first because your lives are literally in their hands since they are handling your floating homes.

One of the places that should be on their lists of places to visit is Stončica bay at the island of Vis.

It is about a bay with a magnificent lighthouse on its cape, ending with a beautiful sandy beach deeply in the mainland of Vis. The bay is well protected from all the winds but northerlies while the anchor holds well. The bay’s waters are clear and turquoise, turning green and yellow as you approach the beach. If you want to stretch your muscles after lazy sunbathing on the deck of your yacht and refreshing swimming, a beach volleyball match sounds like a good idea.

The winners take all the pride while the losers are about to pay for the beer after a match in the neighbouring tavern. As the best comes the last, an authentic dinner would be the crown of your day at Stončica. The tavern near the beach offers many things to remember. Three brothers run it by sharing responsibilities. One of them is in charge of catching the fish; the other is a wine producer, while the third one reigns the fireplace and controls the other two of his brothers. In addition to the day’s catch from the spit, the exceptional local lamb on the gradele is also memorable.

The dinner may start with homemade pršut (Dalmatian air-dried ham) and salted sardines; continue with risotto, and end with the griller titbits. The wine served at Stončica is homemade as well as the vegetables and all other ingredients which grow right behind the tavern. Probably the best part of this story is that there is no internet or mobile phone service signal at the tavern, so that one can enjoy the beauty of this bay at its best.

Enjoy your stay aboard!

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