The most beautiful island in the Adriatic, Mljet, is a mystical haven, rich in flora and fauna, untouched for centuries. Almost completely covered with Mediterranean forest and rich home to animal species – from fallow deer, mongoose, or white marten to wild boar and mouflon- it’s also richly dotted with many plants!
Benedictine monks who built their monastery in the 12th century walked these paths for centuries. After a few more centuries of separation from society, the first communities were organized in the 15th century, and today the island is under-protected as national park.

Known for its natural beauty, this national park is the perfect place to explore on foot or by bike. One unique feature that you’ll find in this area is Big and Small Lake, salt lakes which represent a rare natural phenomenon. Take a boat ride to the island of St. Mary in the middle of the Great Lake!

Geography lovers will also enjoy the Odyssey Cave, an ancient hero who wandered the seas before being caught in a shipwreck. He experienced countless adventures until nymph Calypso enchanted him to stay on her island for seven years!
The legend of Mljet is full of ancient stories and mysteries. One such story, which has remained true to this day on the island for those who live there or visit it often, is located at the Straits of St. Paul, who is believed to have been St. Paul blesses and brings good luck with catching fish.

This is it if you are looking for someplace secluded bay or beach. The beaches on Mljet island are divine! Sandy Beaches Velika and Mala Saplunara, 1.5 kilometers long- have amazing clear blue sea throughout the summertime, making them ideal spots to spend your day swimming or sunbathing.
Sutmiholjska beach is a picturesque pebble beach; Sandy Blače can be found in the shallow bay of this region.
Prožurska Luka and Sobra Beaches also offer white sand await you for some relaxation.

What to see

  • Big and Small Lake
  • St Mary’s Island
  • Saplunara beach
  • Odysseus Cave

Where to eat

  • Restoran Maestral Okuklje
  • Konoba Ribar
  • Konoba Herc
  • Stermasi
  • Konoba Maran