The sunniest island in the Adriatic and one of the ten most beautiful islands globally, Hvar is a destination for those who want to experience an authentic atmosphere with plenty of history. 68 km long, it is the fourth island in the Adriatic. Its rich history has left countless traces that shaped its character today – through Venetian rule. It took on a distinctive appearance with a culturally flourishing culture; it became a tourist resort after the second world war. Today is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The Town of Hvar is the capital city on this island.
It’s hard not to feel its charm when you first step onto the Hvar islands’ waterfront, lined with palm trees and full of life. The main central square (the largest square in Dalmatia) is surrounded by beautiful buildings such as St Stephen Cathedral, Episcopal Palace, and Arsenal.
The city itself is known for having so many nightlife opportunities and other exciting attractions.
Hvar is a land of magic and wonder. The lavender fields are filled with enchanting scents, and hidden coves offer perfect anchorage, while turquoise beaches stretch far into the horizon on both sides of this island destination! Vineyards provide high-quality wines that will amaze any wine lover – not to mention Fortica Fortress offers a fantastic view across Pakleni (Paklinski) Islands.

One of the oldest cities is surrounded by a pine forest, the Stari Grad. Its picturesque streets are a treasure trove of historical treasures. Pieces of the past are kept in the museum, adorned with the most famous landmark and symbol of the place, the summer house of the poet Petar Hektorović, where you can relax in a picturesque garden.
Sail to the bay of Mala Stiniva, which is recognizable by the picturesque rocks that descend vertically into the azure blue sea, creating a unique view.
In Jelsa, take a walk through the streets that exude the Renaissance-Baroque style and the square of St. John posing with his small 17th-century Gothic church.

Between the endless blue of the sky, sea, and sun, the island is recognized for its well-kept vineyards. One of the most awarded wineries with a long tradition is the Zlatan Otok in Sveta Nedjelja.

What to see

  • Fortress Fortica
  • St. Stephen cathedral and Square
  • Venetian Loggia and Clock Tower
  • Hvar old town
  • Winery Zlatan Otok
  • Bishop’s Palace
  • Arsenal and Theater
  • Paklinski islands

Where to eat

  • Giaxa
  • Ko doma
  • Gariful
  • Pasarola
  • Zori