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How To Charter A Gulet In Croatia And Book Gulet Cruises

Some Q & A regarding Gulet Boat rental and charter in Croatia.

This summer, there’s no better way to experience captivating Croatia than getting onboard a luxurious gulet charter. From large sun decks, delicious dining, watersports to a chance to embrace the warm Mediterranean air all over you, all these and more are available on these luxury motor sailers!

Are you looking for a guide to charter gulet in Croatia? Then, you’re in the right place!

Due to its ideal geography, Croatia is the perfect destination for you to charter a gulet! There are brilliant cities and beautiful historical textures, all located by the coasts, creating an incomparable experience from the sea. Can’t wait to look into all the gulet cruises available in Croatia and plan your next visit? It might be best to do as much research before jumping right ahead. To help, we will share all there is to know about gulet cruises in Croatia. So keep reading to find out!

How to Book a Gulet Charter in Croatia?

When you decide to book a gulet cruise in Croatia, most gulet charter companies require you to send an inquiry via email or contact their Customer Service Center. They should walk you through which cruise style would be best for you and the recommended gulet for you. The process to book a gulet charter is relatively straightforward. After you contact the gulet charter company of your choice, they will help you decide the gulet cruise you want to take. Then, you can charter a single cabin or the entire gulet all for yourself. Once you find something suitable to your tastes and have finalized your decision, you can send them your personal information and everything necessary. Next, the company should email you the booking confirmation, including a charter agreement with their conditions. These documents contain all the information you need for your charter and necessary payment information. Since all companies have different payment methods, check their dedicated website for further details.

Is Gulet Cruising Safe for You?

Gulets are yachts designed for cruising with utmost comfort. Compared to motor yachts for sailing boats, gulets are a far more stable and thus safer option. Even though gulets are designed for cruising comfortably, many are often wary about the safety of gulets. But the truth is that they are a far safer choice compared to motor yachts and sailing boats. So as long as you listen to the Captain’s advice and follow them, they should be the safest option. Every Captain prioritizes the safety of their passengers. Therefore, they would never do anything that could compromise the safety of their passengers and crew. So, clients must understand that the Captain’s authority should always come first on a gulet trip.

Is Cruising by Gulet Charter Worth It?

Whether you should cruise by a gulet charter mostly depends on whether it has sufficient beds for the number of people you have in your group. Other than this, everything else is entirely up to you and your choices. Gulets are wooden sailing boats that operate on motors and sails when the wind is strong enough. You can charter them with a crew to handle the driving, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, bartending, housekeeping, etc. Gulets are worth the deal if you cruise with your family and friends for leisure and relaxing vacations.

Best Time to Cruise in Croatia?

The best time to sail in Croatia by a gulet cruise depends on your needs, whether sailing, partying, swimming, or island exploring. According to most visitors, late spring (April to June) is the ideal sailing season in Croatia. Most of the islands in Croatia remain less crowded at the beginning of April and May. During this period, the days are lengthier, and the winds are pleasant, making it the ideal sailing season. The end of September is another great time to sail in Croatia because the sea is calm and warm enough to swim in.
July and August are also great for swimming and enjoying the summer. On the other hand, April and October are pretty popular for regattas and people who want peace during the off-season. During this time, berths are cheap and easy to find.

What are the Costs of Gulet Yacht Charter in Croatia?

Depending on the season and size of the gulet, the costs for a gulet charter can differ drastically. Most gulet charter rentals last for seven nights, from one Saturday to the next. The price included here is typically the cost for the charter only. As gulets come chartered with a crew, the cost of the crew is included in the charter fee. Small gulets can cost €6000 in low season, €9000 in midseason, as much as €13000 in high season. Medium Gulets will cost you €10000 during low season, €11000 in midseason, up to €15000 in high season. Large gulets rental fee might be €10000 in low season, €14000 in midseason, as much as €17000 in high season. Finally, I would suggest that you create a specific budget for yourself. Some can get by with only 100€ every week. But if you plan to go all out at the famed Carpe Diem, prepare to spend 7.000€ in one night.

We have compiled a selection of the best Gulets for charter:

Luxury Gulet Morning Star

Luxury Gulet Morning Star

Luxury Gulet Morning Star is a shining star in our gulet offer. First impression when you look at this gulet would be at least amazing as it is about vintage looking sailing yacht with elegant lines and curves, inviting deck and a touch of glamour. She has been built in 2008 but has been fully maintained and refurbished year after year. So, we are talking about a youngster with vintage look. Morning Star is equipped with 6 cabins (2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins, 2 triple cabins).

Gulet Allure for Charter in Croatia

Gulet Allure for Charter in Croatia

Gulet Allure is a uniquely designed yacht. From her elegant hull to her handcrafted mahogany interiors and furniture, she has the grace, class and elegance of a traditional yacht, yet has the engineering and amenities of a modern one. Her classic lines, combined with her tall rigging, gives her a real character. The Aft Deck with cushioned platform offering an abundance of space, has a beautiful wooden dining table. The Forward Deck also has a tastefully curve designed comfortable bench combined with a cocktail table, and is an exciting place to be at when the yacht is under sails.

Gulet Altair for Charter

Gulet Altair for Charter

Gulet Altair is a very nice 6 cabin gullet, a very special specimen since it is the only gullet that was completely built in Croatia and for the Croatian cruising especially. It has much of the typical gulet trademarks but it also has a unique combination of Croatian design.

Luxury yachts for charter

Chartering a gulet boat in Croatia: frequently asked questions.

What Are Some Additional Costs You Should Budget Ahead for?

When you plan to cruise by gulet charter, you need to budget ahead for extra costs. A widespread aspect of gulet cruising in Croatia is the half-board, and it is obligatory for all gulets. Depending on the gulet and food, it can cost €270 – €400 per person per week. Due to the half-board package, you will need extra money for any onshore dinners. Since the amount of food you get on the gulet would be more than enough, you can keep feasts outside light. Of course, you can again choose your dinner on board the gulet. You can inform your captain that you prefer to eat dinner instead of lunch. If you are a light eater, you will have enough food on board already if you choose half-board. Moreover, the price of drinks in your gulet’s bar will be the same or even lower than those in onshore establishments. So the additional costs you need to bear mostly depend on the package you choose. Tipping is not required in Croatia. However, it is appreciated. Tips are often between 10% and 20%. But they are entirely dependent on your satisfaction. If you are satisfied with the service you received, it is up to you whether you wish to tip or not.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card on a gulet boat? 

You can’t pay for gulet charters using a credit card. Because gulets do not have access to a card terminal, they cannot charge you with a credit card.

Gulet owners primarily transact in cash. They need cash to purchase food and beverages for your gulet cruise. They usually buy them from local vendors or markets where only cash is accepted. The owner has a budget to spend on groceries, and they must stick to it. All extras, such as water activities or private marinas, must also be paid in cash. The owner can plan and organize their purchases of provisions at local markets and businesses with the help of cash. This way, you will receive the freshest and most flavorful local fruits and vegetables as well.

In Which Currency Do You Need to Pay on your Gulet Charter?

It all depends on the country you’re cruising in with the gulet. For example, Croatia uses its currency named KUNA

Even though Croatia became a member of the European Union back in July 2013, they have yet to adopt the EURO as their official currency. However, owners of most gulets and restaurants, pubs, and other major establishments all accept Euro for payment. Croatia has a huge number of ATMs all across the country. However, be wary of the withdrawal provisions, as they can change. If you don’t need cash, you can pay in most restaurants, shops, and pubs with a credit card. Almost all places accept cards, so you should find no trouble paying. It’s a little less expensive and time-consuming solution. You won’t have any problem dealing with payment currency on a gulet cruise. If you require cash, the ATMs of Croatia’s national banks are a preferable choice for withdrawal.

What Are the Most Famous Locations to Visit in Croatia with a Gulet? 

The best destination to visit in Croatia mostly depends on your choice. Whether you prefer towns or nature more, you will find the best of both here. The most vibrant nightlife and party venues are Split and Dubrovnik, the islands Hvar and Korula, and the beach Zrće near Novalja. You will find the best wines at the largest wineries in the peninsula of Peljesac, also at the islands of Korcula, Vis, and Hvar. You can organize wine tastings there. If you are more of a person who likes plain nature, there are four national parks – Krka Water Falls, Kornati Archipelago, Island Mljet, and Briuni Archipelago. You will also find two natural parks – Island Lastovo and Telascica with the most spectacular natural signs on the Croatian Coasts. The Blue Grotto on the island of Vis is an absolute must-see. Historical and archeological sites include the cities of Dubrovnik, Split, and Trogir. Many attractive towns along the Dalmatian coast include Korcula, Ston, Hvar, and Vis.

Where Do You Sleep on a Gulet? 

Cabins on a cruising gulet are exclusively meant for sleeping. So most cabins come with a bed, toilet, and a shower. Based on the volume of the gulet and the level of luxury and service that comes with it, the cabins can be single, double, or even twin-bedded. No matter the size of the cabin, they are all sure to come with air-conditioning. 

To keep up with the demands of the most demanding guests, this trend of gulet cabins has shifted in recent years. Nowadays, most gulet cabins are larger, friendlier, and more comfortable. 

Is it Safe to Sleep Outside on the Deck of a Gulet? 

Yes, it is perfectly safe to sleep outside on the deck of a gulet. It’s something you should do at least once if you are cruising with a gulet. 

Imagine that your captain has found this perfectly peaceful and picturesque bay to anchor in, and you just finished your dinner. As you are preparing to go back to your cabin, the sound of crickets in the distance and the millions of stars visible in the night sky catches your attention. It’s moments like these that make your experience on a cruise special and unforgettable. It’s impossible to come by such moments when you are stuck at home. So when the moment is right, don’t miss out on sleeping under the gorgeous night sky on the deck of a gulet. Some people book gulet cruises for nights like these, only to experience such moments every night. But do remember that the night can be a bit chilly. So remember to bring the right amount of clothes and blankets to enjoy the moment to the fullest. 

If you have plans to sleep on the deck, it’s recommended to speak with your salesperson when searching for a gulet for you. When you tell them beforehand, they will try to recommend you gulets with large deck space. They can also customize a route with natural bays and a mild and warmer environment. Your knowledgeable captains can also advise the best places to sleep on the deck. But, of course, safety always comes first. 

How are Gulets Managed In Terms of Children’s Safety?

One of the vital aspects of child safety aboard a gulet is the super saloon. They also carry all the safety equipment necessary to ensure safe cruising. The super-saloon ensures that you always have your kids entirely under control. In addition, the cabins’ layout is built so that if your child comes from the cabins below and wishes to get out, they will need to pass the large saloon where everyone can see them. Even if you are drinking wine on the deck and your child is sleeping in the saloon, you will see them when they wake up. This saloon is extremely useful for cruising. You can leave your child inside with an iPad, or board games while cruising. They should be safe and happy when you return. There’s no danger of your kids falling into the water either. In addition to super saloons, all gulets come with the following safety devices for safe cruising :

● Life jackets for both adults and children
● Fire extinguishers
● Throwable flotation devices
● Visual and sound signaling devices
● Medical kits

Gulets also carry tender boats or dinghies in case of speedy emergency transfer to ports. They have an inox or wooden rail to prevent falls all around the boat for safety reasons. Some gulets also include a safety net around the fence, so your children will be safe at all times when on it.

Do Gulets Sail In Open Water or Near-Shore? 

Typically, gulets act as recreational boats. Even though they are not strong sailors, they can still sail. But gulets are more of a show as a sailor rather than being a racing sailboat. Most of the cruises by a gulet will be near the coast, making your cruises more enjoyable. Most of the time, these boats stay close to the shore and only enter open waters when traveling from one island to another and when it’s completely safe. To avoid seasickness and discomfort, the gulet captain always avoids open waters. These boats are, first and foremost, pleasure boats that are not designed for heavy sailing. Their primary purpose is to deliver you to fantastic swimming sports and explore beautiful coves and islands. Serious sports or open-sea sailing don’t fall in this category. 

But of course, there may be exceptions to this rule. But this is an extremely rare occurrence, and you should always discuss it with your sales advisor if you want to take longer trips, sailing on the open seas. Do take note that most gulets have a sail. However, they are mostly used for photography rather than serious sports. You’ll be cruising on a motor 90% of the time. Some captains would set sails on merely for show. Some gulets don’t even have sails.


Croatia is a country of a thousand gorgeous islands, and your creativity can only limit your cruising vacation in the country. Planning for your next vacation with gulet charter in Croatia but don’t know where to start? We hope we got your back! In this article, we answered all the questions asked usually and we hope that they are not keeping you from planning your next cruising vacation with Mastercharter in Croatia! 

We hope the Q&A page has proved to be helpful for you. Thanks for reading till now. 

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