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Some Q & A regarding Gulet Boat rental and charter in Croatia.

  1. How to Book a Gulet Charter in Croatia?

    When you decide to book a gulet cruise in Croatia, most gulet charter companies require you to send an inquiry via email or contact their Customer Service Center. They should walk you through which cruise style would be best for you and the recommended gulet for you. The process to book a gulet charter is relatively straightforward. After you contact the gulet charter company of your choice, they will help you decide the gulet cruise you want to take. Then, you can charter a single cabin or the entire gulet all for yourself. Once you find something suitable to your tastes and have finalized your decision, you can send them your personal information and everything necessary. Next, the company should email you the booking confirmation, including a charter agreement with their conditions. These documents contain all the information you need for your charter and necessary payment information. Since all companies have different payment methods, check their dedicated website for further details.

  2. Is Gulet Cruising Safe for You?

    Gulets are yachts designed for cruising with utmost comfort. Compared to motor yachts for sailing boats, gulets are a far more stable and thus safer option. Even though gulets are designed for cruising comfortably, many are often wary about the safety of gulets. But the truth is that they are a far safer choice compared to motor yachts and sailing boats. So as long as you listen to the Captain’s advice and follow them, they should be the safest option. Every Captain prioritizes the safety of their passengers. Therefore, they would never do anything that could compromise the safety of their passengers and crew. So, clients must understand that the Captain’s authority should always come first on a gulet trip.

  3. Is Cruising by Gulet Charter Worth It?

    Whether you should cruise by a gulet charter mostly depends on whether it has sufficient beds for the number of people you have in your group. Other than this, everything else is entirely up to you and your choices. Gulets are wooden sailing boats that operate on motors and sails when the wind is strong enough. You can charter them with a crew to handle the driving, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, bartending, housekeeping, etc. Gulets are worth the deal if you cruise with your family and friends for leisure and relaxing vacations.

  4. Best Time for a Gulet charter in Croatia?

    The best time to sail in Croatia by a gulet cruise depends on your needs, whether sailing, partying, swimming, or island exploring. According to most visitors, late spring (April to June) is the ideal sailing season in Croatia. Most of the islands in Croatia remain less crowded at the beginning of April and May. During this period, the days are lengthier, and the winds are pleasant, making it the ideal sailing season. The end of September is another great time to sail in Croatia because the sea is calm and warm enough to swim in.
    July and August are also great for swimming and enjoying the summer. On the other hand, April and October are pretty popular for regattas and people who want peace during the off-season. During this time, berths are cheap and easy to find.

  5. What are the Costs of Gulet Yacht Charter in Croatia?

    Depending on the season and size of the gulet, the costs for a gulet charter can differ drastically. Most gulet charter rentals last for seven nights, from one Saturday to the next. The price included here is typically the cost for the charter only. As gulets come chartered with a crew, the cost of the crew is included in the charter fee. Small gulets can cost €6000 in low season, €9000 in midseason, as much as €13000 in high season. Medium Gulets will cost you €10000 during low season, €11000 in midseason, up to €15000 in high season. Large gulets rental fee might be €10000 in low season, €14000 in midseason, as much as €17000 in high season. Finally, I would suggest that you create a specific budget for yourself. Some can get by with only 100€ every week. But if you plan to go all out at the famed Carpe Diem, prepare to spend 7.000€ in one night.

Chartering a gulet in Croatia: frequently asked questions:

What Are Some Additional Costs You Should Budget Ahead for?

When you plan to cruise by gulet charter, you need to budget ahead for extra costs. A widespread aspect of gulet cruising in Croatia is the half-board, and it is obligatory for all gulets. Depending on the gulet and food, it can cost €270 – €400 per person per week. Due to the half-board package, you will need extra money for any onshore dinners. Since the amount of food you get on the gulet would be more than enough, you can keep feasts outside light. Of course, you can again choose your dinner on board the gulet. You can inform your captain that you prefer to eat dinner instead of lunch. If you are a light eater, you will have enough food on board already if you choose half-board. Moreover, the price of drinks in your gulet’s bar will be the same or even lower than those in onshore establishments. So the additional costs you need to bear mostly depend on the package you choose. Tipping is not required in Croatia. However, it is appreciated. Tips are often between 10% and 20%. But they are entirely dependent on your satisfaction. If you are satisfied with the service you received, it is up to you whether you wish to tip or not.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card on a gulet boat? 

You can’t pay for gulet charters using a credit card. Because gulets do not have access to a card terminal, they cannot charge you with a credit card.
Gulet owners primarily transact in cash. They need cash to purchase food and beverages for your gulet cruise. They usually buy them from local vendors or markets where only cash is accepted. The owner has a budget to spend on groceries, and they must stick to it. All extras, such as water activities or private marinas, must also be paid in cash. The owner can plan and organize their purchases of provisions at local markets and businesses with the help of cash. This way, you will receive the freshest and most flavorful local fruits and vegetables as well.

Our Gulets available for charter

Our Gulets available for charter

This summer, there’s no better way to experience captivating Croatia than getting onboard a luxurious gulet charter. From large sun decks, delicious dining, watersports to a chance to embrace the warm Mediterranean air all over you, all these and more are available on these luxury motor sailers!

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