Croatia is a land of natural wonders. All around the country, you’ll find national parks and nature preserves that UNESCO has designated as being particularly precious-from breathtaking coastlines to vast mountainsides with pristine forests in between!

#1 Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is a haven for history buffs and nature lovers alike. It contains various cultural monuments and seven beautiful waterfalls that will leave you speechless!
What is more beautiful than a natural phenomenon? The answer is Bilušića buk, Brljan, the highest waterfall Manojlovac, Rošnjak, Miljačka waterfall, Roški waterfall, which is the most spacious, and Skradinski buk, the largest and richest waterfall on the Krka.
The most prominent cultural and historical sights of this area are the Franciscan monastery and the church on the island of Visovac. Their origins date back to the 14th century, when the hermits of St. Augustine first founded them.
The Constantinople Valley is a fascinating architecture of an exciting combination between Byzantine and Mediterranean elements; Ozidana Cave, where traces of human presence can be seen dating back into Neolithic times, and an old mill inside also attracts visitors converted into small ethnographic museums that show how people used to grind grain in traditional ways.

#2 Plitvička jezera National Park

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this place? The most impressive, best preserved, and special places are deep in the forest on sixteen silver lakes connected by waterfalls. Plitvice Lakes is a beautiful park created by the play of nature, resulting in beautifully designed landscapes filled with life.
As you walk the paths bordered by lush trees and the magical greenery of the water, you feel surrounded by the crown of glory.
The Plitvička jezera is one of Croatia’s most attractive and oldest national parks, and UNESCO recognized it as an international natural and cultural heritage site.
The natural phenomenon in this area is unmatched, from beautiful caves to flower meadows and many different plant species. There are also some preserved animal species here, like brown bears and wolves!

#3 Kornati National Park

The Kornati is a land of wonders and beauty. It is said that when the writer George Bernard Shaw came to the Kornati, he said that God wanted to crown his work on the last day of creation and created the Kornati from tears, stars, and breath – never to be forgotten in eternity!
The Kornati islands are a breath-taking stone pearls collection of 89 uninhabited islands, islets, and cliffs. These natural wonders have been shaped by bura, sun exposure, and vegetation over time; they offer impressive landscapes with dry stone walls, making them authentic monuments in both art forms – of human and nature.
It is an island series characterized by crowns. Divided into two series – Piškerski and Kornatski, the magnificent and untouched nature of Kornati were declared a national park in 1980, which resulted in its pristine sea area being one of the most famous dolphin watching spots around Croatia’s coastlines, and it’s perfect for divers who want to explore the underwater world.