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Yacht Marketing with a plan created specifically for you by our team in the segment of luxury yacht charter. Targeted and high-impact luxury yacht marketing guarantees that your vessel stands out and receives more successful bookings in the crowded yacht charter industry. We take pleasure in being Croatia’s premier luxury yacht marketing experts. Master Charter Croatia uses tried-and-true promotional tactics and cutting-edge techniques for improved online exposure.

Our highly experienced team follows our niche’s online news, publications, and new trends. We have luxury yacht marketing experts on staff. With over 16 years of extensive experience in the luxury yacht charter segment, gulet charter, mini cruisers, and other yacht types, we work closely with each yacht’s boat owners and brokers to ensure that we will effectively promote it to the right audience. With experts in press releases, event planning, and digital marketing, they can create a highly-targeted strategy for your yacht. As soon as we receive the images and specifications for your yacht, we will post them on your dedicated webpage on the Master Charter website.


Photoshoots, Yacht Photography & Videography

Excellent quality images shot by professional photographers who have worked with us for years are required to detail a luxury yacht’s offerings. We have established relationships with Croatia’s top photographers and videographers to deliver stunning fleet shots and footage. In addition, we can organize budget-friendly yacht shoots; our in-house marketing team will handle the planning, art direction, and final edits. The powerful imagery created will be the foundation for future marketing campaigns for your yacht.

Good photography is essential for effectively marketing your vessel. For example, suppose professional photos of the yacht do not exist or are unavailable; we can arrange a photoshoot for you. The yacht marketing team will send the best photos to promote the yacht and its luxuries. These images can then be used in brochures, press releases, digital presentations, websites, advertising, and events worldwide, giving your yacht maximum exposure and visibility to potential customers.


Yacht video

Video marketing is also becoming a more helpful tool for promoting yachts. Especially now that recording with modern drone devices from the air or a running speed boat across your ship with stunning models on deck and production methods have advanced to the point where potential customers easily view personally in-house produced videos online. For example, our experts may arrange a video shoot with an expert luxury yacht filmmaker to create a short video that will be presented to potential customers, promoted on YouTube or any other important social media, and shown on our website.

Professional video shoots from your yachts in motion or at anchor in a gorgeous harbor or bay in Croatia can produce magnificent, powerful impressions to market your yacht adequately. Master Charter has expert photographers, videographers, models, and more for your yacht. We’ll make sure that the best qualities of your yacht are highlighted. In addition, the photographs taken are perfect for the yacht’s marketing campaigns.

The Master Charter website is one of Google’s top-ranking sites for terms like luxury sailing yachts for charter in Croatia, luxury sailing yachts in Croatia, luxury gulets for charter, mini cruisers, and many others. One of the reasons behind these results is that it features stunning photos and videos of the yachts it offers for charter.

Digital marketing

Digital Luxury Yacht Marketing

We will create a customized, dedicated landing page on our website within hours of completing the Central Agency agreement, which potential charterers will see. Your yacht will be listed on several industry and specialist websites for a yacht for charter to ensure optimum visibility. In addition, we plan and execute digital marketing strategies. We put your luxury yacht first. Our marketing team is dedicated. Our team will collaborate with our industry-leading in-house marketing team to develop a professional, creative, eye-catching, and personalized program for your yacht to ensure maximum awareness of the international scene. From luxury and yachting publications to internet surroundings, your custom marketing strategy will boost your luxury yacht’s earning potential.

Master Charter Croatia will build up your brand awareness and reputation.

The charter industry for luxury yachts attracts worldwide attention and recognition. You can build a brand for your yacht, develop a charter following, and cultivate a sterling reputation by offering your yacht for charter. Renowned charter yachts can attract more charterers each year, and chartering out your yacht can help you resell it for a higher price.

seo experts

In-house SEO experts

Specialists at Master Charter have proven expertise in search engine optimization. (SEO) and in-house web developers have optimized our website to ensure that our site and your yacht are evident to search engines. Our website is unlike any other in the luxury yachting market regarding mobile accessibility. The website is new, relevant, and user-friendly, with excellent search engine exposure, a beautiful layout, and updated content, resulting in plenty of leads for your yacht. The website has a well-designed appearance and a well-thought-out framework for generating leads. This user-friendly and controllable UI makes it simple to operate. Our entire staff consists of persons born in this area. They are as familiar with the Adriatic coast as if it were their pocket.

Some come from a family that has been boating/shipping/sailing for decades, while others are avid divers or surfers. Our team has extensive knowledge of the Croatian Coast, the Adriatic Sea, islands, and, of course, the weather. As a result, they know what’s worth attempting or evaluating on your holiday in Croatia. Our experts update our website regularly by adding trendy spots in Croatia, the food you should try, advice, and things you should know while going on a yacht charter in Croatia to keep potential charterers and clients engaged.

shows and events

Boat Shows and
Events – Yacht Shows

Master Charter may be found at yacht shows and other luxury events worldwide throughout the year. If your boat participates, Master Charter will give it plenty of publicity. Our robust presence in high-profile yachting events in established and new areas worldwide is one of the keys to our approach. These events are an excellent way to show your yacht to potential charterers or brokers in person. In addition, we collaborate with our strategic partners to further enhance our guests’ experience. The boats that are displayed at these shows get a lot of attention.


Broker Friendly Printed and Downloadable Brochures

Beautifully designed, custom-printed brochures are an excellent tool for effectively marketing the unique qualities of your yacht. The design team can create and print appealing and stunning designed brochures to contribute to your yacht’s marketing program using the impressive photos from your vessel. It is a highly successful and cost-effective technique for reaching new consumers on selected sites. Brochures printed on paper are a powerful tool for capturing the essence of your yacht. We can help you create and print engaging brochures to add to your yacht’s marketing platform using fantastic imagery.

Editorial Exposure (Top Editors and Writers of Yachting and Luxury Lifestyle Magazines)
Editorial support is valuable since it lends legitimacy and prominence to your yacht. In addition, our PR and marketing team has years of experience in the yachting and luxury lifestyle industries, allowing them to create long-term relationships with top editors and writers.

We regularly publish in yachting and luxury lifestyle publications, and this way, we ensure extended coverage in print and digital yachting magazines. Our promotion strategy relies heavily on advertising and journalism. Therefore, choosing the right online news magazines for your yacht is critical, and we only work with publications that attract qualified buyers. In addition, thanks to our comprehensive relationships with industry and luxury media, we can also organize an editorial about your yacht and its unique qualities where relevant.

familiarization trips

Yacht Familiarization Trips

Master Charter may conduct yacht familiarization (FAM) tours aboard your yacht for selected groups of media specialists, journalists, specialized influencers, and professional brokers. Attendees will get a firsthand look at your ship, its amenities, and personnel during these FAM visits. These trips are highly beneficial since they generate positive discussions among charter brokers and the media.

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