Why would you spend your summer holidays in Croatia?

Even more specific, why would you come to Croatia for sailing holidays?

The questions might seem simple but there are so many reasons and so few space to answer them at once. Generally, what makes Croatia as a desirable sailing destination would be its beautiful, unpolluted nature; mild climate, variety of safe and pleasant spots to drop the anchor and stay overnight, ancient historical sights, vibrant nightlife, excellent gastronomy, hospitable people…

Let’s stay with gastronomy for now. Although Dalmatian cuisine has a lot similarities with Italian, French, Spanish or Greek (Mediterranean) cuisine it is unique. When discussing about Dalmatian cuisine we must start with seafood. Croatian restaurants and taverns on the coast and islands mostly serve ‘the catch of the day’. In most of the cases you are about to get fish that has been swimming until the very morning before you have visited the restaurant.

You can forget about canned, frozen or deep fried fish fillets or so. In many cases the owner of the restaurant is also the chef so that king of people would rather die than serve you something they are not proud of. At this point we need your attention. When ordering food in a Dalmatian restaurant you always need to have a little talk with the staff. They are mostly members of the family that runs the establishment.

That is important for more than one reason. Firstly, you will get better service after you have established a relationship with the host. Remember that most of the restaurants and taverns are family run and owned so you are treated like a guest to their home. Secondly, through the conversation you will be informed about the catch of the day and be offered the specialty regardless of what is offered in the menu. The story about what to order will be continued in one of our next blog posts so keep visiting us.

Enjoy your stay aboard!

Image Credits:
Author: Boris Kačan
Source: Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica