Skippered Yacht Charter in Croatia

Just because you can’t sail it doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t- especially when you can hire a professional skipper and have a sailing adventure like no other.

If you want to have unique sailing experience, a Croatia sailing tour with a skipper is the most hassle-free and the best way to explore the Adriatic at your own pace and independently. It’s an unbeatable way to take in the fascinating beauty of the famous Croatian coastline and its 1000 islands.

A skippered charter is another popular version of the bareboat charter that involves hiring a professional skipper to handle all navigational and nautical aspects on the yacht. Basically, the skipper will join you in embarkation and stay onboard with you for the whole duration of your charter.

Don’t worry, they are professional and won’t invade your privacy or quality time with family and friends.

A skippered yacht charter Croatia can be a perfect sailing holiday for families, friends or couples of all sailing abilities. With gulet charter Croatia with a skipper, you’ll book a yacht and then the skipper will accompany you in your charter holiday.

This type of holiday is perfect if you’re starting out and you don’t have enough confidence to manage the yacht yourself, you don’t have a valid sailing license, you wish to have a reliable skipper at hand during the cruise or you simply want to have a guide and relax during your holiday.

Whatever your case may be, having a skipper onboard will significantly improve your cruising holiday since he’ll take all responsibilities; from the safety of the yacht to all aspects of sailing and navigation including mooring.

So, you can sit back, relax and look forward to an unforgettable sailing vacation.

As your skipper sails the yacht you can decide how much time you want to spend sailing, relaxing or swimming each day. With their experience and huge knowledge of countless breathtaking islands and the Dalmatian coast, you’ll reap great benefits from their insights.

Benefits of having a skipper onboard

Skippers have years or decades of experience in the charter industry so obviously, they are familiar will most model and types of boats which guarantees you and your crew utmost level of safety.

In high season, for instance, marinas may get overcrowded and a skipper will know the perfect time to be at the marina to make sure you berth and in case there is an emergency, they are well versed so they know exactly how to handle situations.

In addition, they have excellent knowledge of the Croatian waters and so on top of lending their nautical skills a skipper is there to recommend the stunning secluded Bays and anchorages that are off the beaten path that will elude unforgettable Mediterranean charm.

Skippers can offer you unrivaled knowledge regarding the islands the ocean, the winds, the best restaurants the forecasts or the conditions of the sea bed and most importantly, the best marinas to moor at with local tourists attractions of interest to you.

On occasions when you and your crew prefer to anchor for a night, the skipper will advise on the safest and the best marinas to dock.

Of course, you can discuss your preference with your skipper regarding a sailing route or a cruising area and you can even create your whole itinerary that fits your needs with the skipper. In short, they can offer as much or a little expert input as you desire.

Depending on your personal needs and the size of your yacht you can hire a hostess who can help with keeping the boat neat, prepare simple Croatian cuisine and offer useful suggestions.

You need to ensure that both the hostess and the skipper have proper meal onboard and separate berth or cabin.

Communicate with your skipper regarding your dining preferences- feel free to invite them if you are dining out although some may prefer to retire to bed early after a long day of sailing and in this case you can decide to cover their inexpensive meal.

You can also tip your skipper 15-20% of the skipper fee to appreciate excellent services.

Skippers are friendly and expert sailors with vast knowledge on local destinations to make sure you get the best from your sailing vacation. They can be as discreet as you require them to be and you aren’t obliged to include them in your activities if in any way it makes you uncomfortable.

If you have an interest in learning how to sail, your skipper will gladly involve you in sailing the yacht as much or as little as you prefer. They enjoy sharing knowledge enthusiasm and experience whilst ensuring that you enjoy a fun and relaxing sailing vacation.

In Croatia, you’ll need to pay to moor each night in a harbor, marina or a mooring buoy.  But there are places you can moor for free plus take your dinghy ashore.

The mooring fee depends on the location and the size of the yacht and the fuel is relatively cheap generally ranging from 100-150 Euros per week depending on the size of your yacht.

A skippered gulet charter Croatia is perfect for any season and occasion

A skippered yacht charter Croatia makes for unforgettable celebration regardless of the occasion. With a wide range of beautiful yacht to choose from, there will be a yacht to suit your requirements and budget.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a honeymoon holiday or a family and friends vacations a skippered yacht charter gives indelible memories and experience.

Wake up in a different beach or bay each day of your sailing and picturesque town each morning plus astounding pearly beaches perfect for swimming, diving, and snorkeling in crystal clear and calm water.

Gulet charter Croatia with a skipper allows you to relax and enjoy the turquoise Mediterranean water as the skipper takes the helm offering a stress-free vacation.

The incredible coastline of Croatia provides the ideal conditions for a skippered yacht charter with a perfect mixture of short islands hops plus longer periods of open water sailing.

Whether you prefer maintaining a gentle and relaxing pace or you fancy something more exhilarating you can have it your way!