Something to start with – instead of preface

First of all we want to welcome you on the pages of our brand new blog.

On this very place you are about to read many interesting stories about sailing aboard a gulet in Croatian Adriatic.
Topics that we are about to cover strive to answer most of your questions and break your doubts if any. We believe that you already know a bit about Croatia as a summer holiday destination but there are always plenty of facts that are to be discovered. This blog, among all, is meant also as your silent guide in your quest for wanders of Adriatic coast, islands, islets, hidden gems and famous sights.

Croatian coast along with its numerous islands abound with hundreds of locations which one can visit aboard a gullet. We believe that we do not have to mention that Croatian coast is blessed with mild Mediterranean climate, characterized with warm summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures rise up to 30 – something °C while the turquoise crystal clear sea offers a pleasant swim at 24 °C plus. Allow us a few words about what to expect in Croatian Adriatic as a tourist. It is quite true that Croatia is building its image as one of the top summer destinations in the Mediterranean.

However, Croatian coast is not as commercialized as it is the case in countries with longer tourist tradition. It means that one can enjoy numerous hidden bays, coves and beaches all over the place as well as to do sightseeing or spending the nights dancing in the open air night clubs and cocktail bars.

Last but not least, gastronomy in Croatia is one of a kind, not to mention growing wine industry which offers internationally recognized local brands. Feel more than welcome to follow our blog posts, there is a lot more to be discovered here. Our crew is here to explain you what it is all about – sailing Croatian Adriatic on board a gulet.

Enjoy your stay aboard!

Image credits:
Author: Ivo Biočina
Source: Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica