The celebration on your plate

There are many people who consider nutrition as something more than just an energy input. Some of them strive to make the celebration of every one of their meals. As providing s unforgettable moments to our guests while sailing the Adriatic is our primary goal, gastronomy makes the unavoidable component of it. The meals on our on board menus are all authentic and original. One of them would be the Dalmatian pašticada. It is about a meal that was served on the plates of our ancestors only for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas or other important festivity.

The preparation of Dalmatian pašticada is somehow pretty difficult to explain because there are as many recipes for it as there are grandmothers in Dalmatia. Here is the general explanation while every chef has their own secrets about preparing this delicacy. Dalmatian pašticada is made of beef silverside that has been lying in the mix of vinegar and wine, with cut onions and some herbs. The longer the meat is marinated, the taste is better and the meat tenderer. After marinating for (at least) two days some bacon, garlic and carrots are thrust into the meat.

That is going to give additional flavour to the pašticada. Now, the meat has to be slightly roasted from all sides after which it is simmered for hours, until it gets soft and tender, surrounded by thick and delicious sauce. Dalmatian pašticada is served with potato dumplings, combining sweet, sour and salty taste all together in your plate. This delicacy is originated in ancient Greek and Roman times and has been enriched and optimized during the centuries of Dalmatian history. Nowadays, it refers to the pride of every chef while its recipe is kept as the family heritage. May your sailing holidays in Dalmatia not be concluded without enjoying pašticada.

Enjoy your stay aboard!

Image Credits:
Author: Boris Štajduhar
Source: Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica