Although modern charter boats resemble a floating city, there’s still something old-fashioned and magical about sailing.
Here are the frequently asked questions about chartering a boat in Croatia:

Can I hire a boat in Croatia?

It is possible to rent a boat in Croatia that’s why the yacht charter is enormously popular.  You can rent a sailing charter in Croatia as a bareboat or skippered boat from any of the marinas.

Do you need a boat license in Croatia?

In order to have an active sailing vacation, you are required to have some sailing experience and possess a valid sailing license which shows your competence and ability to navigate the rented boat. Alternatively, you can hire a yacht with a skipper.

Do you need a boat license to rent a boat in Croatia?

You don’t necessarily need to be in possession of a sailing and nautical navigation license as long as you’re not the one to hold the helm.
According to Croatian law, at least one person on the vessel must be a holder of a valid license. So if you’re not planning to hire a skipper then you must have a license to charter the boat yourself.

What qualifications do I need for a bareboat charter?

In Croatia, possessing a skipper license is a legal requirement. There is an official list of the recognized licenses published by the authorities. The list outlines qualifications issued by various authorities across the globe which are recognized in Croatia. Most charter companies will insist that in addition to a VHF license, you also need to have a qualification that is on the list. Anyone from any given country especially European nations can have any qualification on the list and you can skipper a bareboat even with the most basic license outlined as long as you also have sufficient sailing experience.

When chartering can I leave Croatian territorial waters?

Basically, most charter companies do not allow chartering beyond the Croatian water. If you plan on sailing outside the territorial waters of Croatia, you can make an inquiry with the charter company so they can prepare relevant documents and permits. However, you should note that international permits require extra charges plus you are obliged to report in Croatian custom office as well as the customs office of the country that you intend to enter.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is an amount put aside during reserving either by cash or credit card to cover any damage done on the boat while chartering. It’s a security amount that makes sure you’re liable on any damage caused. In case there are no damages found on the yacht or the vessel used, the security deposit will be refunded in its full amount at the end of chartering tour.

What is the cost of Marinas and harbor?

Docking in marina overnight can be pricey compared to other places but that’s probably because Croatia is a popular sailing destination. Marina berth prices in Croatia are typically based on monohull overall length and catamaran mooring fee usually costs twice as much as the monohull mooring fee. Generally, the prices on average range from 50- 70 Euros per day for a boat of about 43 ft. Most anchorages and some harbors, on the other hand, are free of charge.

Can I book a place in a marina in advance?

Regrettably, it’s not possible to reserve space or book a marina in advance in Croatia. If you wish to berth on a certain marina and you suspect it might run out of space, it’s best to make your way there early enough, preferably as early as noon time. Docking and berthing is usually not a big issue during low seasons though.

What is included in the charter fee?

The charter fee includes the rental cost of the vessel itself, bed linens, safety, and navigation equipment dock fees of the departure and return location of the vessel, insurance, and VAT (all taxes). Bath/beach towels can be arranged for an extra cost although in some charter agencies they can be included in the charter fee. Be sure to consult beforehand.

When are the check-in and check-out?

In high season, the check-in time is normally after 17 hours which means you might be done with paperwork in mid-day but the boat will probably be ready later in the afternoon. During low season boat can be ready earlier in which case the earlier check-in is possible. Check out can be done either on Friday afternoons or Saturday morning between 8-9 hrs.

Is it possible to charter the boat for a short term period?

Under normal circumstances, the charter is done for a week from Saturday through to Saturday and chartering a boat for short term period isn’t possible especially during high season. However, on low seasons this can be possible but you should note that you might be required to pay on weekly rates even though you get a short term offer.

Do I have to pay for the food for the Skipper?

Yes, their meals are not included in the charter fee which means you have to provide them with food whether you’re having your meal on the boat or out on a restaurant. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to tag them along every time you are having a dinner out. You can give them money to sort themselves out on average restaurants.

We have small children, can we take them on board and what can we do for their safety?

With some extra planning and safety measures, children can be brought on board. The first factor to consider is the type of boat and catamaran is highly recommended as they are more suitable for kids. They have plenty of space inside which means children have enough play area, a fly deck, plus it’s easy to get in and out of water. The next factor is to check with the yacht agency to see if they offer the option of installing a safety net for children. If you inform them well in advance, most companies will do this for free but some might require extra charges.

The same goes to life vests- please inquire with your yacht company to make sure you’re not in for some surprise charges.