Croatia has been pretty busy building its reputation as one of the top sailing holidays destinations in the Mediterranean. Statistics about yachting charter, gulets, cruisers and other means of ‘floating’ holidays prove the statement from the first sentence. The reasons for growth of Croatia’s popularity lies not in the fact that advertising has been done well, but in the fact that Croatia has really perfect conditions to grow this kind of tourism.

Apart of mild climate Croatian Adriatic coast is very well indented and abounds with islands and islets. In total, there are 1244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs included in Croatian part of the Adriatic as well as countless coves and bays on the coastline. Although tourism plays an important role within Croatian economy, the nature of Croatia is not ruined too much by aggressive building of enormous hotel resorts and bungalow settlements. It is not too difficult to find pristine cove or a beach there one feels like on a private one; without any sign of a civilization in sight.

On the other hand, the infrastructure along the coastline and on the islands provide decent ports and comfort marinas, well equipped with all sailing tourists might need. Special part of sailing trip in Croatia would be the visit to its island villages where the atmosphere and the mood of the locals is still as it used to be generations ago. Inside narrow colorful ancient streets there are numerous taverns and wine cellars which offer local homemade specialties and treats.

Not everything in Croatian Adriatic looks like an open air museum. Party people can also find something for themselves since few of the most famous house, r’n’b and other popular music festivals found their place in Croatia. It is notorious to say, but you really need to come and see it yourself to believe it.

Enjoy your stay aboard!

Image Credits:
Autor: Boris Kačan
Source: Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica