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When to go

Croatia is a country with so much to offer, and it’s easy for visitors who are looking into exploring the many different sites that this beautiful land has in store. All of them can be found right here; from natural attractions such as waterfalls or stunning coastline and islands! There’s also history waiting at every turn—from ancient ruins filled with stories to customs and culture today.

So, you’re thinking about a vacation but aren’t sure what is the best time for you to cruise in Croatia? Well, good news! Keeping in mind your needs, with so many destinations and activities waiting in anticipation, we have compiled this list of tips and tricks for each season to make your planning process as simple (and stress-free) as possible.

What is the right cruise season for you – pre-season, high season, or post-season; this travelogue guide will help you decide.


There are plenty of good days to enjoy the pre-season in April and May. The sea is mild, the sun’s high up so you get lots of wonderful sunshine hours on long gentle winds with mild sea! Thus, pre-season is a great time to visit Croatia if you wish to escape the crowds and take advantage of the Adriatic at its full potential.

During April, the average temperature ranges from 59°F up to 63 °F, with a comfortable range being around 60-62 degrees Fahrenheit on land and 59°F at sea! During the day, you can enjoy sailing for adventure at sea or enjoy outdoor activities like a hike through Croatia’s magnificent countryside. There are plenty of gastronomic offerings for those who want a more cultural experience while learning more about history with historical tours around islands and towns.

The month of May is when the cruising season gets going. You can expect some great weather and scenery. With calm winds and long daytime hours (and more sunlight!) coupled with a warm sea temperature of 62°F, enough for swimming, what could be better than taking a cruise along the coastline on your private boat?

There is so much to see and do in this country! You can visit the idyllic Nature Park Krka or stroll through town on Hvar Island to 16th-century Španjola Fortress, where there is a panoramic view of the Pakleni islands.
Set sail through the rolling hills, vibrant colors, and crystal clear sea of Kornati Island, visit the greenest island beauties of Mljet island and experience the beauty of Zlatni rat beach.
There are several events throughout May, including the Split Festival of Flowers, which happens (on May 7th), and Saint Domnius, the protector of Split’s city. And a gastronomy celebration with food tasting opportunities for all sorts of cuisine enthusiasts who love exploring new Croatia’s tastes.


When Croatia is full of life, June, July, and August are typically peak tourist seasons and offer beautiful sunny weather with warm temperatures that make exploring easy all over this extraordinary slice o’ Mediterranian paradise!
The summer in Croatia is a time to enjoy the sea and activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, etc.

Why not have an adventure while you sail from island to island? There are so many things to do! From sights, museums and cultural experiences, or historical rich sites take you back centuries. You can even enjoy live music at klapa concerts – designated by UNESCO- alongside other great activities.

You’ll see a stone wall mix of architecture as you sail through the Croatia archipelago. From stone walls that intertwined across island landscapes to the village scapes and townscapes which feature terracotta rooftops with centuries-old church towers – there is no shortage in style!

Hvar and Brač are two of the most popular islands in Croatia, with their buzzing nightlife scenes being an attraction for tourists from all over Europe. However, there is more than just party-time going on here! The natural oases that can be found throughout these areas provide visitors opportunities to relax under palm trees or enjoy biking trails winding through olive groves while surrounded by breathtaking views.
The country has many music festivals throughout the high season, with traditional cultural events like theater or film alongside popular genres like rap, opera, jazz, and Ultra Music Festival.


September and October are the perfect months to enjoy Croatia’s cruising post-season. With 12 hours of daylight, there is little rain with temperatures often idyllic between 65 °F and 80 °F, which means the sea temperatures will still be warm, ideal for swimming and water sports.
You will be able to enjoy Croatia’s beautiful scenery during the postseason.
With many attractions and activities available, without crowds, you can go on a hiking trail to explore national parks meaning that your trip will be filled with peace!
Krka Waterfalls National Park has been a favorite destination for years, and it’s easy to see why. With the many waterfalls, you’ll have the opportunity to see a Krka hidden treasure at its best.

Dubrovnik has many tourist attractions, such as the city walls featured in Game of Thrones. You can take an authentic walk through these ancient fortifications and see where they once stood guard over this historic domain!
End your day at sea with a performance from Zadar’s Greetings, who will enchant you with their unforgettable sunset and Sea Organ, a musical instrument that creates beautiful sounds through pipes with the power of rocking sea waves.

Croatia is a land of delicious food and wine. The menus onboard provide tasty goodness, but you’ll savor every step of Mediterranean dishes when docked at ports, from rich olive oil dishes made with plenty of seafood ingredients to signature fish dishes.
And many opportunities for sampling some amazing, wines-especially if your destination happens to be the Pelješac Peninsula, Dingač, or Pošip specialties made on Korčula Island!

Just think about how great this vacation will be: exploring new places while enjoying the sun on our skin all day long; tirquoise Adriatic sea, green landscapes, feeling the pure wind, or maybe even better yet- skiing across these beautiful bays? So grab your suitcases, call your friends and family, start with booking a yacht holiday to suit your traveling style, and experience the treasures of Croatia.

Escape in a magical Croatia attractions

Croatia is a beautiful country that will inspire you for your next vacation. Discover the most attractive cities, cozy islands and secluded coves.
Keep reading and we’ll tell all about hidden gems and perfect spots that will inspire you to make your dream vacation a reality.

Enjoy the beauties of Croatian bays for sure

Spending time in the uninhabited bays of the Croatian Adriatic means touching the beauty that our islands and coast offer in their original sense. Be anchored in the same places where thousands of years old Illyrian boats or Roman galleys used to moor and enjoy an equally “clean” ambience, in one of the few corners of the Mediterranean where there is no influence of civilization.

Croatian cruising travelogue

Step onto the vessel and embark into another world. Cruising along the Adriatic coast, Croatia is a treasure for travellers of all kinds. A land of great contrast, with beaches that stretch for miles with crystal clear waters blue skies flawless sunsets, from the bustling cities, through mountain trails, all the way up into plenty of opportunities for adventure seekers, each day you will find something new.

Escape from reality into magical Croatian attractions

The option to enjoy Croatia is almost endless, with a promise to visitors of unforgettable memories that won’t soon fade away. So pack your bags, step onboard, and join us as together explore the wonders that await on cruising around Croatia.

8-day cruise
Central Dalmatia Route: Split-Split

The journey through Central Dalmatia is spectacular.
You swim in the bays of Pakleni islands which are the most beautiful part of the Hvar Riviera, and enjoy the magnificent view from the Fortica fortress. Explore the military bunkers of the island of Vis, float down the cold river Cetina exploring the power of winding rivers and their canyons.

view details
Central Dalmatia Route: Split – Split
Split – Milna
Milna – Hvar
Hvar – Vis
Vis – Korčula
Korčula – Jelsa
Jelsa – Pučišća
Pučišća – Omiš
Omiš – Split
8-day cruise
Dalmatia one way route: Split – Dubrovnik
view details
Itinerary overview
Split – Milna (island Brač)
Milna – Hvar
Hvar – Vis
Vis – Korčula
Korčula – Mljet
Mljet – Šipan
Šipan – Dubrovnik
8-day cruise
North Dalmatian route: Split – Zadar – Split

Sail along the breathtaking Northern Dalmatian coast, rich in history and culture. Listen to the Zadar Sea organ singing a unique melody while watching the stunning sunset, then explore the trails that lead to lush national parks to learn how this land was ruled by emperors centuries ago!

View Details
Itinerary overview
Day 1
Split – Trogir
Day 2
Trogir –  Šibenik
Day 3
Šibenik –  Kornati
Day 4
Kornati – Zadar
Day 5
Zadar – Murter
Day 6
Murter – Rogoznica
Day 7
Rogoznica – Šolta
Day 8
Šolta – Split
8-day cruise
South Dalmatia Route: Dubrovnik – Dubrovnik

The island hopping rich in lush green to ancient towns, is a cruise along the breathtaking South Dalmatian coast.
Feel the power of the Dubrovnik walls, and experience the meaning of the name of the Hvar bar, “Carpe Diem,” while drinking a cocktail and dancing to the sunset.

view details
Itinerary overview
Day 1
Dubrovnik – Šipan
Day 2
Šipan – Korčula
Day 3
Korčula – Lastovo
Day 4
Lastovo – Hvar
Day 5
Hvar – Pelješac
Day 6
Pelješac – Mljet
Day 7
Mljet – Dubrovnik (or Zaton)
Day 8

Map of Croatia

Croatia is a country of endless possibilities. A small Mediterranean country located in the southern part of Central Europe with an area of 56,691 square kilometers’, of which 5,835 km belong to a unique coast dotted with 1,244 islands (67 are permanently inhabited), peninsulas, islets, rocks and reefs, and numerous bays.


With 3.88 million inhabitants and rich history, it borders several other countries-on the north side, it borders Hungary, on the east side with Serbia, across the street with Slovenia in the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the south, and across the sea, it borders Italy.


In Croatia, 90.42% of the population speak Croatian as their mother tongue with an alphabet of 30 letters! The rest are national minorities. The Christian faith is the largest religion inCroatia.


The national flower of Croatia is the Iris, and the coat-of-arms has twenty-five red and white fields horizontally and vertically, making a shield shape. The symbol above the central shield is a crown with five smaller shields with historical Croatian coats of arms, symbolising the four Croatian regions and the Republic of Dubrovnik.


It is divided into 21 counties and has three basic natural units-lowland, coastal, and mountain-which complement each other well to create the perfect environment.The various regions in which Slavonia, central Croatia, Istria, and Dalmatia stand out the most have been influenced by history as they each offer their unique attractions; however, one thing remains constant-the importance of these areas for tourism!


Cruising along the beautiful coast of Croatia is like stepping into another world. From city ports to coastal towns, you’ll find it all here, and each tourist region offers something for everyone. People are friendly and approachable; the world of gastronomy with many different flavours and the magic of wine flavours. Croatia invites you to explore as you discover historic cities, shrines/churches, thousand-year-old castles, natural beauty, and creating memories.