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Passage Ždrelac

Airport and transport – Zadar (around 11 km); airport in Zadar.

History – artificially excavated passage.

Info – it is a 4,5 m deep passage under bridge (210 m long bridge) between two islands Ugljan and Pašman; only boats with max beam of 6m are allowed to pass; it is meant for quicker passage from Zadar to nearby islands and the Kornati archipelago.

For sailors:

Mali Ždrelac (entrance to the passage on the N side; around 200 m wide; depth about 6 m; on both side marked with lighthouses; widens into big bay to the W and E side): S entrance is exposed to S winds (warning: approach during strong S wind can be dangerous); passage is sheltered from all winds and the sea (but the waves from the passing ships can be felt). Warning: the current under the bridge changes direction and has the speed of up to 5 NM (it makes maneuvering somewhat difficult); the speed in the passage is limited to 8 knots; the depth in the middle (of the entrance to the passage) is 4.5 m, while towards the coasts it gets rather shallow. Sailing instructions: (in the passage) the advantage is given to: liners, bigger ships, and those that come from the NE side; while smaller vessels (up to 15 BRT) should give way to bigger ships (that often announce their arrival on the VHF channel 16).

W side of the passage (on island Ugljan there is) a waterfront and a mole (depth by the waterfront is around 1 m; and along the mole from both sides around 2-3 m); anchoring is forbidden in the middle of the passage; towards S and the exit under the bridge (16.5 m high, and 210 m long) is a navigable channel marked with 6 pillars (of red and green color and lights); the width of the passage under the bridge is 20 m, and depth 4.3 m.

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