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Island Molat

Airport and transport – ferry to town Zadar (around 50 km); airport in Zadar.

History – first mention in 7th century; in 12th century became the property of the Benedictine monastery of St. Krševan (based in Zadar).

Interesting to see: Churches Birth from Blessed Virgin Mary (15th century) and Lady Karmel (17th century).

Info – known for production of honey since olden times (Latin name for the island was Mellitus (honey)); 222 inhabitants; coastline 51.58 km; characterized by a diversity of numerous hidden bays, channels, secret beaches and caves; island is covered with grove and maquis, leaving an impression of eternal greenery; ideal destination for hermits and those seeking hiking treks; highest point is Lokardenik (148 m).

For sailors: NE coast is indented with many coves, SW is less indented and very steep.

Burguljak bay: spacious cove; SW coast is steep continued by deep sea; NE coast is lower; bay is exposed to wind Jugo and sheltered from other winds. Shallows: at the end of the bay (cove Luka); through passage Maknare near Bonaster (6 m; around 500 m E from the lighthouse; placed on the cape Bonaster); in the passage between islets Golac and Bršćak (3 m); between islet Bršćak and cape Borji (on Long Island; very shallow with reef bottom) and in a passage between islet Brguljak and island Molat (4 m). When approaching from NE use the passage Velo Žaplo between the islands Tun Veli and Tun Mali. Mooring: in front of the cove Luka (on sandy bottom; holds well); organized mooring: in the passage between islet Brguljak and island Molat (warning: shallows 4 m); and in the cove Podgarbe (possible only in its SE side).

Brgulje: sheltered from bora; S winds cause big waves; berth near the long mole (N from wharf); organized mooring is in the passage between islet Brguljak (mooring buoys) and island Molat.

Lučina: exposed to SW and W winds (cause waves in the harbor); sheltered from other winds; wind bora creates less strong swell; berth is possible on the N side of mole with the port light (on the head of the mole or near the wharf).

Luka: exposed to jugo; cove is shallow (untill 5 m depth) and at the very bottom of the Brgulje bay.

Porat: sheltered from all winds; when strong bora is blowing waves come up to the cove; near the jetty available is sideward berth and quarter mooring; for mooring: buoys are situated in front of the harbor (sandy bottom holds very well).

Sabuše: sheltered from NW wind; exposed to all other winds; waves are present (because of the traffic between islands Molat and Sestrunj) even during the calmly weather; when approaching pay attention on the islets Kamenjak, Trata and Vrtlac; berth is allowed in the cove (depth until 5 m; sandy bottom, holds well).

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