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Island Kaprije

Airport and transport – ferry to Šibenik (around 20 km); airports in Zadar (from Šibenik around 68 km) and Split (from Šibenik around 60 km).

History – first settlers on the island were mentioned in the 15th century.

Interesting to see: church of St. Peter (16th century).

Info – the island is named after the plant caper or caper bush (the buds are used as spices in cooking); highest peak Vela Glavica (121 m); only one village on the island and no roads or cars; population of 143; cultivation of grapes and olives; the island has one sandy beach, beautiful bays (protected from winds) and a footpath leading from one side of the island to the other.

For sailors:

Gaćice: exposed to bora and waves after jugo; sheltered from jugo. Warning: islet Oštrica should be surrounded from the W side (because between it and the coast extends craggy bottom); berth along the mole is not possible (because along the head of the mole there is a shallow, and from the E side there are accreted rocks); W side is mostly occupied by the vessels from the locals. Recommendation: anchor far away from the shore (depth around 6 m).

Luka Kaprije: exposed to the winds of the IV quadrant; sheltered from bora and jugo. Anchor: on the middle of the bay (depths around 7 m). Warning: along local moles mostly there are no places for berth (occupied by the vessels of the locals); everywhere near the shore is shallow (around 0.5 m); below the sandy bottom there is a stony slab, so it should be checked how the anchor holds.

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