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Island Žut

Airport and transport – Biograd na Moru (around 20 km); airport Zadar (from Biograd around 28 km).

Info – it is the largest uninhabited island in Croatia; the highest point is Gubavac, 174 m; coastline 44.06 km; island is covered with olives, figs and vine; no permanent settlements; occasionally various fishermen and shepherds, olive producers and fig pickers from the island of Murter are staying here; there is a marina with around 120 berths; ports are located in sheltered coves; large number of coves and bays (north-eastern side of the island).

For sailors:

ACI Marina Žut (orientation: islet Maslinjak at the entrance to the bay Žut; and the ACI flag is on the cape Ražanj): Mooring: (vessels with draught of more than 3 m) along whole E part of the jetty or on the very end of the W part. Warning-berth: (during the strong bora) on the E part of the jetty; and (during the strong jugo) on the W part of the jetty.

Bizikovica: exposed to bora (shelter from bora in SE part of the bay). Mooring: E part of the bay (depth around 5 m); in SE part of the bay (there are several houses in front of which are small moles). Shallows: in front of small moles in SE part of the bay (depths around 1 m); and in W part of the bay.

Bodovac: bay is exposed to all winds and waves (in bays Pinzel and Bodovac (connected over low coating) can also be roughly when W and NW winds blows). Mooring: (during the calm weather) in the middle of the bay (depth 20 m). Warning: bay does not serve as a shelter.

Hiljača (bay consist of 3 parts: Sabuni, Dragišina, Pristanišće): exposed to bora and jugo; sheltered from W wind (Pristanišće is sheltered from all winds, and Dragišina and Sabuni from bora and W wind). Shallow: between the islets Bisage Vele and Bisage Male (3 m). Berth: (smaller vessels) in every part of the bay. Mooring: (bigger vessels) SW from the island Gustac (depth around 30 m; sheltered from bora); passage between NW coast of the island Gustac and the coast of the island Žuta (is the best coverage from jugo).

(Hiljača) Dragišina: exposed to jugo; sheltered from bora and W wind. Berth: there are 4 small moles (in front of the houses; warning: deep enough is only along 1st mole (on the N side of the coast; on the head is 1.6 m)).

(Hiljača) Pristanišće: sheltered from all winds. Berth: 2 smaller moles. Shallows: from the outside of the 1st mole (1.7 m); inner side of the port (below 1 m).

(Hiljača) Sabuni: exposed to jugo; sheltered from bora and W wind. Shallow: inside the small closed port; along the head of the breakwater (1.6 m). Berth: in very small closed port (in the bottom of the bay; protected from jugo with the breakwater). Mooring: in front of the breakwater (sandy bottom; depths 2-3 m; buoys).

Pinizel (little cove with a few houses of a seasonal settlement): exposed to NW wind; sheltered from bora and jugo. Shallows: inside the port (around 1 m); along the moles (less than 1 m); in the passage between the coast of the island Žut and Pinzelića (is 1.7 m). Berth: (smaller vessels; shallow) along two small moles (inside the port); breakwater (in the bottom of the bay; in front of small port). Mooring: in front of the port (nearer the islet Pinzelić; where is sheltered from NW wind).

Ražanj: (SW part of the bay) exposed to bora; sheltered from all other winds (NW part of the bay is sheltered from bora). Berth: in marina. Mooring: on the middle of the bay (sandy bottom).

Strunac: exposed to NW wind; sheltered from bora. Berth: in small closed port (in the bottom of the bay, in front of the restaurant; shallow: depths inside 1-1.5 m). Mooring: in N part of the bay (under the cape Strunac).

Žutski channel (sea area between islands Žut and Kornat): exposed to bora, jugo and NW wind; there are no safe shelters, except one bay that is sheltered from jugo (1NM SE from the cove Bodovac, on the island Žut). Mooring: W from the island Svršata (sandy bottom; depth 25 m; partly sheltered from bora and NW wind). In central part of the channel there are no obstacles that would impede navigation (depths are 40-78 m). Warning: on the entrance to the channel there are many islets, reefs and shallows.

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