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Island Žirje

Airport and transport – boat and ferry connection with Šibenik (11 NM, 22 km); airports in Zadar (from Šibenik around 68 km) and Split (from Šibenik around 60 km).

History – important role in defending Šibenik and naval corridors in this part of Adriatic; in late antic period military significance began; Byzantine fortress was build in the first half of 6th century; in 12th and 13th century the island was encircled by fortresses and walls.

Interesting to see: Byzantine fortress (6th century); church of St. Marry (15th century); ruins of Benedictine monastery (15th century); “drywall” Old Apartment (protected good); church of St. Nicolas (18th century).

Info – name probably derivers from the fruit of the tree-acorn; permanently inhabited (124 inhabitants); asphalt and macadam roads; the highest hill Kapić (134 m); indented coast (coastline of 39,2 km) whit many coves (8) and bays (29); there are 485 plant species on the island (6 species of Orchids); rich underwater life (corals, fish and remains of antic ships); rich hunting place (rabbets, pheasants, snipes, etc.); surrounded by 17 islands and cliffs.

Inevitable to taste: grapes, olives, plums, figs and sour cherries; local herb brandy.

For sailors:

Mikavica: exposed to NW (cause waves in the bay) and NE winds; sheltered from jugo. Anchorage: in front of the small jetty (on the sandy bottom; depth around 7 m) in the bottom of the bay. Berth: (smaller vessels) along the jetty. Warning-shallow: S from islet Mikavica (in front of the entrance in the bay; 2 m).

Muna: exposed to bora and N wind (very strong N wind cause big waves in the bay); sheltered from jugo and E wind. Berth: (sheltered from bora) inside of the breakwater or along the waterfront (that continues on the breakwater); (bigger vessels) along the breakwater (because the depth from the head is falling from 10 to 2 m toward the heel of the breakwater). Anchorage: along the middle of the bay on depth of 13 m (but it is exposed to bora and the anchor doesn’t hold well).

Stupica Mala: partly exposed to jugo; sheltered from bora and NW wind. Shallow: in front of the W cape of the bay (2 m). Anchorage: on the sandy and grassy bottom (in the bay).

Stupica Vela: exposed to SE wind; sheltered from the winds of the I and IV quadrant. Shallow: E cape of the bay (2 m; recommendation: stay away at least 350 m); in the bottom of the bay there are two smaller moles along whose heads is depth of around 1 m. Anchorage is on the sandy and pebbled bottom.

Tratinska: exposed to jugo; sheltered from all other winds. Anchorage: in the small cove on the NE side of the bay (partly sheltered from jugo); in all bay the anchorage is on the sandy bottom.

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